Welcome to Survey Cad Solutions, a locally owned Land Survey Drafting Service for Professional Surveyors and Engineers throughout the Southwest. I started surveying in 1997 with a degree in Surveying and Mapping from the Denver Institute of Technology (Westwood College) and a NSPS Survey Technician III Certification, after which I have had 16 years experience in all facets of Land Surveying from Instrument Man to Survey Manager and all the jobs in between along the I-10 corridor from Arizona to California and Southeastern New Mexico / Parts of West Texas. drafting-class In 2012 I noticed that because of the economy many companies started looking for independent contractors to work as part time Survey Cad Drafters or Work From Home Survey Drafters. So with my land surveying experience and drafting knowledge I started the website Survey Cad Solutions to reach a wide number of companies that may have the need for a temporary or part time survey cad drafter. With today’s struggling economy and minimal profit margins, it has never been more important to complete your projects on time and as efficiently as possible. Let me assist your Company increase profitability by providing you with Quality Professional Drawings.

NACA_Drafting_Room_-_GPN-2000-001839 I have the ability to research local, city, county, state, and federal records for ALTA, rights-of-way, easements, title, plats, legal descriptions and utilty drawings for information pertinent to the client’s project. I can utilize the client’s survey information and NGS, CORS, OPUS and BLM records to do boundary analysis, surface determination and drafting. I am currently using Autodesk Civil 3d 2011 along with a Dell Vostro computer that has 6 gigabytes of processing power and a Terrabyte of storage to create drawings in a timely manner using the client’s templates or create templates with the client’s plotters set-up parameters. Please review my site to see if I have the skills and experience to help with your project.


Update July 2014: I am a single man and I have made it into the 18th month since I have opened my business so that I can make ends meet. Over the last 6 months business has been slow and indicators have shown that it will take at least 2 years for the economy to be back to “full” employment. So I have decided that I would go back to a ” traditional” position with a proven company and I have been applying in states that are better economically. If there is an open position with your company that could use my talents please contact me at my website. www.surveycadsolutions.com


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